Announcement of commitment to carbon neutrality Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd

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During the recent 75th session of the UN General Assembly, President Xi Jinping pledged that China would become carbon neutral by 2060 and reach peak emissions by 2030. This is a major strategic decision for China, demonstrating its commitment to building a truly sustainable ‘ecological civilization’ and a global community with a shared future.


As the world’s largest MMCF (Man-Made Cellulosic Fiber) producer, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd (‘Xinxiang Bailu’) will actively respond to China's carbon neutral goal, and work with global peers to address the challenge of climate change. Therefore, Xinxiang Bailu announces the following commitments:

  •   We will strive to reach peak carbon emissions by 2028.
  •   We will achieve a 40 percent carbon emissions reduction by 2035.
  •   We will reach carbon neutrality by 2055.


At the same time, we will undertake the following climate actions:

  1. Joining the Climate Stewardship 2030 program and setting up a climate action plan in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement and China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution targets for carbon emission reductions.
  2. Implementing this decarbonization roadmap, ensuring annual disclosure of our results and performance.
  3. Joining the CNTAC (China National Textiles and Apparel Council) Lifecycle Assessment working group and using these insights to launch an innovative zero-carbon MMCF – completing the R&D phase by 2022 and then rolling out the product to support customers along the value chain in addressing their own impacts.


The Global Covid-19 epidemic has shown us that in the face of a common crisis, no country or region can stand alone. We want to demonstrate this value through collaborating with the Office for Social Responsibility of CNTAC, CV (Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose) and other key partners, to create a climate action taskforce that ensures Xinxiang Bailu’s future carbon neutrality.


We also call upon others in the global fashion industry to join collective actions to support the goals of the Paris Agreement. Working together, our industry can do so much more than when we stand alone.

2021年2月4日 16:01